Paradigm shift

New technologies are erasing the boundaries between sports and health. Solutions for elite athletes now apply to the greater public. Sports today are a laboratory for health just like Formula 1 became a lab for the car industry.

Innovation fuels growth

A new generation of businesses use technology to distinguish themselves from their competition. They are in touch with new trends, lead exploratory projects, and collaborate with external partners to address internal challenges.

Innovation is at the heart of human performance, from elite athletes to the greater public.

A League of Innovators in Human Performance

Athletc. unites business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists and investors from the sports and health industries to generate collaborative business deals. It’s a private network where offer meets demand to create a critical mass of innovation.

At the heart of human performance

On top of brokering connections and partnerships, Athletc. holds exclusive insights that can catalyse our clients’ ambitions. As such, Athletc. is more than a network – it is a development tool decision-makers use to design differentiated strategies in the sports and health industries.

We unite stakeholders to create innovative solutions that improve human performance.

An Innovitech division

Pioneers in the creation of innovation ecosystems in Canada, since 1989 Innovitech’s success has been a world reference in synergy between businesses, scientists and policy-makers. The firm continues to invest in its growth to this day and is presently taking on the business of human performance by incubating Athletc. within its fold.

Why join Athletc.?

Differentiated Strategies

Develop an innovative value proposition in advance of your competition.

New Technologies

Gain access to 500 innovative start-ups.

Privileged Access

Join a private network of industry leaders.

Networking and Outreach

Become a pioneer of a new innovation culture.

Our services

A 3-speed offer:

Networking Events

Take part in private events between businesspeople, entrepreneurs and experts showcasing the most recent innovations in sports and health. Take advantage of our events to build your network with high-level contacts and discover well-kept industry secrets.

Guidance and Consulting

If you are ready to act, we will supply you with exclusive market insights to design a blueprint for innovation. We can also identify external partners able to support your efforts. Our goal is ultimately to build and strengthen you own ability to innovate.

Collaborative Projects

For those that think big, we offer turn-key solutions capable of generating specialized technological innovations. We will put our own resources at your disposal, along with our deep experience in the field, to jointly create and operate unique assets.

Who is Athletc. for?

We welcome organizations with interests and/or already investing in human performance. This includes:

Professional sports organizations

Entrepreneurs in the sports and preventive health industries

Private and institutional investors

General/physical labour companies

Health, wellness and special-care institutes

Insurance companies

Technological experts, scientists and research centers

Sports and health professionals

Founding Members

Allouettes de Montréal
Institut national du sport du Québec
Université Concordia Centre Perform


Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

General Manager

Passionate a-propos the inner workings of sports and the connector trade of Innovitech, Jean-Philippe develops Athletc. as an intrapreneurship venture within the family firm where he has been working for the past 7 years.

Thomas Baracos

Thomas Baracos

Business Strategist

Thomas is responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of value-added information on technological innovations. He is a graduate in intelligence studies, having also worked for five years at multinational consultancies in Europe and the US.



Athletc. is a division of Innovitech, a private company, ecosystem catalyst since 1989. The project is incubated and supported by Innovitech since its ideation.

Athletc. Strategic Committee

Strategic Committee

• François Bieuzen, Exercice Physiology Scientist at INS Québec
• Patrick Boivin, President and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes
• Alex Fainberg, Consultant
• Dominic Deneault, Founder and CEP of Ascendis conseil
• Emeline Bardoux, Principal Advisor at Euroconsult

Contact Us

  • 740, Notre-Dame Street West, Suite 1400, Montreal, QC H3C 3X6
  • 514 398-9772
  • info@athletc.ca