Our Vision

Our conviction and passion are that there is more to sports than only entertainment. We believe sports are a laboratory for health, for human performance, just like F1 racing is to the automobile industry. A technology developed for an elite sports athlete is also relevant for other market segments. Our vision is that there are multiple athletes: the sports elite, the industrial worker, the general public, the elderly, Athletc.

Innovation, from the podium to the patient.

Our Mission

Athletc.'s mission is to generate collaborations promising business opportunities. Our profession is to accelerate exchanges between members of the league via personalized connections and exclusive events. We are scouts and connection agents.

Today the major players of the human performance ecosystem, entrepreneurs, captains of industry, investors or researchers, are part of a dynamic landscape. A new market is readying for the convergence of stakeholders building a new generation of solutions. To answer the needs of new clients, collaboration is key. This is the very heart of the league.

Athletc. aims to regroup sports and health organizations inside one critical mass, a league of innovators. Our ambition is to accelerate the emergence of high impact solutions for the general public by translating innovations designed for an elite athlete.

Why join Athletc.?


We create privileged moments, accelerators of products and services, data, information, as well as methodology exchanges between you and the members of the league.


We facilitate the rise of new technology developed by local, agile start-ups.


We connect you to the best brains, professionals, rare talents of the human performance industry.


We help you add market segments to your organization by mobilizing potential clients, leaders in their respective sector.

Our Services


Interview session at your offices to meet your executive team, test your product, profile your organisation, your business plan, understand your reality and identify your needs.

Fast Track Matchmaking

Personalized connections with influent stakeholders.

Exclusive Events

Organic connections during networking events exclusive to the league's members.

Who Is Athletc. for?

Sports teams and coaches


General public and specialized companies

Technology experts and research centers

Sports and health professionnals


Health and wellness institutes

Founding Members

Montreal Allouettes
Institut national du sport du Québec
Concordia University Perform Centre

The Team

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

General Manager

Passionate about the inner workings of sports and the connector trade of Innovitech, Jean-Philippe develops Athletc. as an intrapreneurship venture within the family firm where he has been working for the past 6 years.

Thomas Baracos

Thomas Baracos

Head Scout

Thomas is responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of value-added information on technological innovations. He is a graduate in intelligence studies, having also worked for five years at multinational consultancies in Europe and the US.



Athletc. is a division of Innovitech, a private company, ecosystem catalyst since 1989. The project is incubated and supported by Innovitech since its ideation.

Comité stratégique d'Athletc.

Strategic Committee

• Cindy Gauthier and Murielle Grangeon, Founders of Neuro-Concept
• Marc Gélinas, Executive Director of McGill Athletics and Recreation
• François Bieuzen, Exercice Physiology Scientist at INS Québec
• Patrick Boivin, President and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes
• Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and Founder of Hexoskin
• Jason Frohlich, CEO and Founder at Mentorum
• Alex Fainberg, CEO and co-founder of Heddoko

Contact Us

  • 740, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, suite 1400, Montréal, QC H3C 3X6
  • 514 398-9772
  • info@athletc.ca